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Fiscal Training

Capital Assets and Financial Management is pleased to provide the Fiscal Development and Certificate Program aimed at providing progressive training and certifications for fiscal support staff and business managers within the university community. 

Through this robust certificate program, participants will learn higher education financial concepts, policy navigation, compliance driven practices, operational procedures, business intelligence tools, and decision making skills.  This certificate program provides comprehensive structure in ongoing professional development, an environment of continuous learning and sharing, and financial acumen. 

Fiscal Training & Development Program Levels

Support all new Virginia Tech fiscal staff through a required 60-day program to provide immediate exposure to basic information, build a network of contacts, and a create mindset of continuous learning and sharing through a curriculum focused on operations, critical concepts, compliance, collaboration, and integration of available technology.

Build an advanced level of collaboration and solution-sharing among fiscal employees while focusing on compliance driven practices, ethics, practical solutions, initiative, adaptability, and continuous learning and improvement.

Foster a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie while creating opportunities for like experiences and inclusive participation related to complex financial scenarios and decisions. Produce problem solvers who explore and recognize emerging compliance driven opportunities in the financial arena.

Deliver premier leaders with knowledge of advanced financial topics, hands-on practical experience across the campus community, skills to promote integrity and mentoring, and an in-depth understanding of the correlation between financial activities, units, and systems, while bridging the gap between theory, practice, and excellence.