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Business and Operational Planning

Our office aims to provide operational and financial consulting services for senior managers for new or existing university activities. Business and Operational plans serve to determine the feasibility of new initiatives, assess the performance and effectiveness of existing university activities, and evaluates university business and commercial activities through policy 3005 reviews. 

Business & Operational Plans

Completing a Business or Operational Plan is a multiphase process with iterations within and between phases.  An effective plan is a significant endeavor that requires team work combining functional expertise and business acumen. While each plan is different the core pieces include: 

  • Executive Summary
  • Description of the activity
  • Compliance, Legal, & Risk Considerations
  • Maket Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Implementation Plan

Policy 3005 Reviews

Policy 3005 ensures that University-related business and commercial activities conducted by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (University) are consistent with the mission of the University and are authorized by the University. 

Business and Commercial Activity is one that provides goods or services for compensation and which is regularly carried on. 

The university is not permitted to sponsor any business activity that unfairly competes with the private sector. The primary mission of the university is the creation, dissemination of knowledge and to carry out this mission occasionally it is necessary for the university, and its affiliated units to charge fees to provide goods and services that enhance, promote, or support instructional, research and public service missions.  


If you or your department are interested in developing a business or commercial activity, a formal review will need to be conducted. 

Please contact our office for more information.