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Business Practices - Fiscal Training

Who are we?

The Business Practices team strives to support effective and efficient management activities by building process excellence and execution, while including end users, customers, and stakeholders within the university in change management.

Our team leverages business processes and compliance driven practices to improve the university. 

We also develop and implement departmental best practices improvement programs.  This includes training programs and tools to promote effective and assist departments in compliant execution of process, procedures, and policies.

How can we help you? 

Business Conduct Standards

These standards reflect key business principles of the University to ensure high quality performance of business affairs and a strong future for the institution.

Business Practices Webinar 

Financial Management hosts an annual seminar each year related to Business Practices. 

 Business Manager Guide

The guide is a reference for department heads and other administrative personnel of basic duties and responsibilities and minimum standards for good business practices.

Finance Training Program

Our team wants to ensure that you have all of the necessary training resources for success in your role. We hope you join us in these learning opportunities.