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Business Practices Seminar/Webinar

Event Information: 

Financial Management hosts an annual seminar each year related to Business Practices.

Registration is now open for the university’s 2022 Buiness Practices Webinar.

Prior Attendance: 

Presentations, reports, and other documents presented at the seminar are available below. If you need previous attendance records, then please email


  • What Does HR Transformation Mean for You?
    Presented by Bryan Garey, Vice President for Human Resources
  • The Integration of Audit, Risk, and Compliance
    Presented by Sharon Kurek, Executive Director of Audit, Risk, and Compliance Brian Daniels, Director of Internal Audit
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Higher Education
    Presented by Kay Heidbreder, University Legal Counsel and Sharon Kurek, Executive Director of Audit, Risk, and Compliance
  • Making Ethical Decisions Related to Procurement and Sponsored Programs
    Presented by Mary Helmick, Director of Procurement and Vicky Ratcliffe, Manager of Research Education and Development and Conflicts of Interest Administrator
  • An Ethical Perspective
    Presented by Captain Jim Snyder, Deputy Commandant, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets
  • Ethics in the Social Media Age
    Presented by Susan Gill, Virginia Tech Director of New Media
  • Ethics Discussion
    Presented by Steve Capaldo, Associate University Legal Counsel; Dr. Dick Crowder, Professor, Agricultural Applied Economics; Kevin Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Administration and General Counsel, Virginia Tech Foundation; and Linda Bucy, Asst. VP for Finance and Controls & COI Officer

Seminar for Auxiliary Units (October 2015)