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Business Practices Seminar/Webinar

Event Information: 

Financial Management hosts an annual seminar each year related to Business Practices.

Registration is open for our spring 2023 event. 

Prior Attendance: 

Presentations, reports, and other documents presented at the seminar are available below. If you need previous attendance records, then please email

Financial Management would like to thank those of you that presented and attended the webinar this year. Below you will find a list of resources from each of our sessions. If you have any content related questions, then please reach out to our presenters for clarity. 

If you would like to watch the webinar recordings, then visit our My Media Business Practices Seminar/Webinar channel

2023 Webinar Presentation Documents 

Day 1: April 10, 2023

Session 1: AKA Internal Controls

Presented by Melinda West

Session 2: Awards Management & ERS

Presented by Kamala Upadhyaya & Divya Amin

Day 2: April 11, 2023

Session 1: MicroStrategy

Presented by Derek Scheidt & Matt Swift

Session 2: Microsoft 365

Day 3: April 19, 2023

Session 1: Financial Aid, Policies and Scholarship Central, Oh My!!

Presented by Lezonne’ Codner

Session 2: HR Banner 


Presented by Stacey Portner

2022 Webinar Presentation Documents 

Day 1: October 17, 2022

Session 1: Buying Business Meals 

Presented by Erin Griffin and Cheri Meador

Session 2: IT Policies and Procedures 

Presented by Randy Marchany

Day 2: October 31, 2022

Session 1: Export Controls and Sanctions

Presented by John Talerico

Session 2: HR Systems 

Presented by Laura Hagy

Day 3: November 7, 2022

Session 1: Internal Controls and Risk Mitigation 

Presented by Justin Noble 

Session 2: FINTRACS 

Presented by Derek Scheidt

Seminar Presentation Documents 

  • What Does HR Transformation Mean for You?
    Presented by Bryan Garey, Vice President for Human Resources
  • The Integration of Audit, Risk, and Compliance
    Presented by Sharon Kurek, Executive Director of Audit, Risk, and Compliance Brian Daniels, Director of Internal Audit
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Higher Education
    Presented by Kay Heidbreder, University Legal Counsel and Sharon Kurek, Executive Director of Audit, Risk, and Compliance
  • Making Ethical Decisions Related to Procurement and Sponsored Programs
    Presented by Mary Helmick, Director of Procurement and Vicky Ratcliffe, Manager of Research Education and Development and Conflicts of Interest Administrator
  • An Ethical Perspective
    Presented by Captain Jim Snyder, Deputy Commandant, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets
  • Ethics in the Social Media Age
    Presented by Susan Gill, Virginia Tech Director of New Media
  • Ethics Discussion
    Presented by Steve Capaldo, Associate University Legal Counsel; Dr. Dick Crowder, Professor, Agricultural Applied Economics; Kevin Sullivan, Associate Vice President for Administration and General Counsel, Virginia Tech Foundation; and Linda Bucy, Asst. VP for Finance and Controls & COI Officer

Seminar for Auxiliary Units (October 2015)