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Entertainment Expenses


Entertainment expenses are expenses that are incurred for entertaining visiting speakers or candidates for positions, holding departmental functions, or other reasons.

Business meal expenses may be billed directly to the university or paid by the employee hosting the event.  The meal must be essential to the university’s mission, a business necessity, in accordance with state policy, reasonable and necessary, and part of a bona fide business function of the University.  Alcoholic beverages cannot be charged to public funds.

Meals are only reimbursable on overnight trips, unless there is documentation that clearly establishes that the meals were provided during overtime work periods or for official business. 

  • Ensuring only appropriate business meal expenses are submitted for reimbursement.
  • Ensuring all required documentation is supplied with request for reimbursement.
  • Gain written approval from the Manager of Accounts Payable or an Accounts Payable Supervisor in the Controller’s Office prior to purchasing food on State funds
  • Department Head or designee must approve all meal expenses.
  • Itemized meal receipts are required and are to be accompanied by a statement containing the description of the event, date of the event, beginning and end time of the event, location, attendees designated as faculty, staff, or guest.