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Records Management


  • A record is any unit of information, in any recording medium regardless of physical form or characteristics, including data processing devices and computers, made or received in pursuance of law or in connection with the transaction of university business.
  • Records Management is an administrative technique that provides management and control over the files and records of the university to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. It includes activities associated with the creation, movement, retention, retrieval, duplication, safekeeping, and destruction of records.
  • The University Records Manager is responsible for compliance with the Virginia Public Records Act and is the liaison officer with the State Library of Virginia.
  • The University Records Manager develops and implements university policy and procedures for the university-wide Records Management Program in accordance with the guidelines of the Virginia Public Records Act. All organizational components of the university are required to participate in this program.
  • The Dean, Director, or Department Head is responsible for all university records generated and received by the unit. University records are the property of the university.
  • Administrators, faculty, staff, and students who terminate their association with the university are to return all university records to the appropriate office. University personnel are responsible for assuring compliance with state and federal statutes pertaining to the confidentiality of university records.
  • Ensuring all records are maintained properly in accordance with university policies and the Virginia Public Records Act.
  • Appointing a Records Coordinator to act as your official representative and as liaison between your department and Records Management Services.
  • Protecting disclosure of your inactive records stored in the University Storage Facility (if any) by designating Records Requestors, who may access those records.
  • Reviewing departmental records at least annually to dispose of all non-records and records whose retention periods have expired.
  • Reviewing and approving Certificates of Records Destruction; both the department head and the University Records Manager must sign these before action is taken to dispose of original records.
  • Maintain all records in compliance with the university’s records retention policy.