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Hiring Wage Employees


  • Hiring is the process that departments must complete before a new employee can begin working for the university. Personnel policies and procedures differ depending on the type of employee being hired – faculty, staff, student, graduate and wage.
  • The Adjunct and Wage Faculty Payment Process is typically used to compensate faculty members and classified employees, when hired as wage faculty, for professional services performed in support of instruction or research on a part-time, temporary basis.
  • Wage faculty payments are only appropriate for the types of work that would qualify as exempt executive, administrative, or professional duties under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and are not duties normally performed by staff employees.
  • Every new employee must complete an I-9 form, to ensure that the employee is legally authorized to work in the United States.
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia requires that all newly hired male faculty, classified staff, and student employments complete the Selective Service Registration Questionnaire.
  • University policy requires pre-employment criminal conviction and/or driver’s record checks on candidates selected for wage positions including hourly wage, emergency hires, sporadic hires, P14, and other non-student positions.
  • The University also maintains a program for testing alcohol and controlled substances of applicants for employment who are required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License.
  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools requires that all faculty members, including part-time and adjunct faculty, hold credentials appropriate to the level and subject matter they are teaching, and that the institution verify those credentials prior to employment.
  • Ensuring all employees are informed and follow policies and procedures
  • Securing required approvals for personnel actions
  • Ensuring all reconciliations are completed accurately, timely, and by the appropriate individuals
  • Using the appropriate types of employment and appointments, and the policies governing each
  • Ensuring departmental allocations are not exceeded
  • Ensuring PARS are completed accurately and timely
  • Ensuring appropriate conviction checks, driving checks, and/or drug testing is completed prior to start of employment
  • Ensuring personnel records and systems are secure, and accessed only as authorized
  • Ensuring separation notices are submitted to the Department of Human Resources by no later than the employee’s last day of work and leave reports are entered no later than three days after the separation effective date
  • Ensuring segregation of duties such that different employees enter and approve personnel actions
  • Completing I9s for new and rehired employees on first day of work
  • Ensuring new employees receive orientation
  • Ensuring appropriate documentation and forms are completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner
  • Obtaining the following items from separating employees: office keys, Corporate credit cards, VT ID cards, parking permits, any state equipment or property in employee’s possession