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  • A renovation is any non-maintenance project involving alteration, modification, or new work with a value under $3 million. New construction under 5,000 square feet may also qualify as a renovation under certain circumstances. If a project has a value of over $3 million or exceeds 5,000 square feet, it is considered a Major Renovations capital project. For more information, see Understanding Capital vs. Non-Capital Projects.
  • Renovation is the act of improving facilities by renewing and restoring them.
  • Renovation services with an estimated value of $5,000 or more are furnished through an arrangement with a third party management firm retained by the university. A sliding scale flat fee is charged for management services involved in facilitating this work. Small scale projects such as installation of a limited number of new electrical outlets may be handled directly by Facilities.
  • Most renovation work requires a permit issued by the University Building Official, along with a subsequent inspection provided by this unit. Facilities, or the third party management firm retained by the university for management of renovation projects, coordinates the permitting and inspection with the University Building Official.
  • Facilities arranges for professional architectural and engineering design services to be provided to the university community, gives estimates of construction costs, and oversees the performance of the work by licensed and pre-qualified Contractors.
  • The first step in every renovation request is to submit an Interdepartmental Service Request (ISR) in HokieMart. Upon receipt of a request, Facilities will assign a project manager and a HokieServ work order number. Customers can use the HokieServ work order number to track the project and expenses throughout the design and construction process.
  • All non-capital construction, renovation, and maintenance of university owned facilities, and the installation of equipment within those facilities, shall be accomplished under the management, direction, and delegation of Facilities. This policy shall not apply to capital projects, leased facilities and portable equipment.
  • All construction, renovation, maintenance or repair of university leased facilities, and the installation of equipment within those facilities, shall be accomplished under the management and direction of the Real Estate Management office. This policy shall not apply to university owned facilities and portable equipment.
  • Submitting a renovation request (ISR) in HokieMart Department when requesting renovations.
  • All questions or concerns should be directed to their assigned project manager and/or the project coordinator. Discussing project issues directly with the contractor is discouraged as it often leads to confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Maintaining documentation in compliance with the university’s records retention policy