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Leave Process


Leave is defined as official permission to be absent from work and/or the period of time granted by such permission.  Administrative and Professional Faculty, Research Faculty, and staff earn annual and sick leave.

  • The University Leave Report on the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is used to report all leave types used/accrued by all salaried faculty and staff.  Departmental leave representatives and individuals entering leave data must ensure the accuracy of the leave they are reporting. To correct information, leave representatives have the authority to override the automatic (default) entries against actual leave usage. Leave periods begin on the 10th of the month and go through the 9th of the following month.  Leave reports are to be submitted between the 10th and 16th of each month.
  • University policy establishes the criteria by which employees earn holiday pay and/or compensatory leave as a result of working on an official university holiday. Essential employees working the holiday will receive either a compensatory day that must be used before that holiday reoccurs (within 12 months of the date earned) or straight time pay in lieu of leave, as determined by the employee’s supervisor. Full-time employees will receive 8 hours of compensatory leave for each qualifying holiday worked, regardless of work schedule. Part-time employees who work on a holiday will receive compensatory leave on a pro-rata basis – equivalent to the percentage of employment. Holidays occurring on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday; and, holidays falling on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.
  • The university operates in accordance with the official university calendar. Only the Vice President for Administrative Services in consultation with the Senior Vice President and University Provost or a designee can declare an authorized closing for the university. All authorized closings resulting from inclement weather, natural disasters, or emergency conditions will be announced through the Communication Plan.
  • In the event of occupational injury or illness, the university will, to the extent possible and appropriate, assist eligible employees unable to return to full duty by temporarily modifying work assignments or duties, or arranging for temporary reassignments until the employee is medically released to resume regular duties.
  • In the event of non-occupational injuries or illness, the university will make reasonable efforts to enable its current employees on sick leave or short-term disability under the provisions of the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP), as applicable, to return to full duty. Eligible employees will be assisted, to the extent possible, through temporary duty modifications or temporary reassignments.
  • Salaried full- and part-time staff employees and regular 12-month faculty are eligible to donate annual leave hours to the Leave Sharing Program.  Faculty members in restricted appointments are not eligible. 
  • Ensure proper authorization of leave reports
  • Supervisors should carefully monitor employees’ leave balances to ensure that employees have sufficient leave to cover work time missed
  • Ensure employees record leave usage in a timely and accurate manner